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Mary Baldwin University Alumni Association

The Mary Baldwin University Alumni Association is the community of over 17,000 graduates and non-degreed alumni who share a common experience of being a Mary Baldwin student through her many programs. For more than 175 years, Mary Baldwin has been a place where students are transformed into citizens ready to change the world. The Alumni Association has remained a vital part of the Mary Baldwin history, and will continue to grow and thrive in tandem with the University.

The Association's History 

Mary Baldwin Alumni have and continue to make an impact on their local communities, nationwide and across the globe since the Alumni Association of Mary Baldwin University was first organized as the Augusta Female Seminary Alumnae Association in 1893. The preliminary organization was headed by Elizabeth Andrew Hill, Class of 1880, during a visit to the campus on August 30, 1893.


The first alumni meeting was held on May 25, 1894. This event, also described as a reunion, was open only to the full graduates of the school, of which there were 88 at the time, and was designed to be both a reunion and an event by which the Alumnae Association would be formally established. The Constitution called for bi-annual meetings, a plan for an alumnae scholarship was approved and the Association was open to all former students of the Seminary.


Highlights throughout the Alumni Association’s
125+ year history:

Mary Baldwin University History

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Quick Facts

1842 1842 University Founding
WWII WWII Time of First Apple Day Celebration
17,000 17,000 Number of Living Alumni Worldwide