Alumni Communications Committee

We thank our alumni who are serving on the Alumni Communciations Committee to provide guidance and feedback on alumni communication strategy and plans, including the build and launch of this new Mary Baldwin Alumni Connectins website. Below is a list of alumni involved in this committee:

Committee Member


Job Title

Janie Huske Satterfield '69, '70 Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Senior IT Project Manager
Lee Johnston Foster '75 William & Mary Retired; Exec. Dir. of Principal Gifts & Foundation Operations
Clair Carter Bell '76 Staunton City Schools Substitute Teacher
Kelley Rexroad '79 Southwest Florida Water Management District HR & Risk Management Chief Officer
Susan "Fleet" Lynch Roberts '81 Brunswick Academy Director of Admissions
Lynn Talbott Mulherin '85 The Florida Dept. of Education Commissioner; and Owner of Pearls of Wisdom
Julie "Jules" Moss '92 McClellan Development Authority Director
Amanda Williams-Vasquez '01 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Manager, Public Relations & Marketing Communications
Angie Beltran '03 NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association Marketing Manager
Christie Roberts Davis '05 Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative - Duke Communications Project Manager
Sarah Tyndall Mann '09 Palmdale Aerospace Academy Inc Director of Public Relations and Philanthropy
Jess Erwin Bernard '09 The Frontier Project Consultant
Megan Edwards Truman '17 City Year of Washington DC Marketing & Communications Manager

Quick Facts

1842 1842 University Founding
WWII WWII Time of First Apple Day Celebration
19,000 17,000 Number of Living Alumni Worldwide