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The Roanoke region is home to over 1,100 alumni who live within a 30-mile radius of Roanoke, VA. Learn more about regional events and volunteer opportunities on this page. If you're interested in searching for alumni in your region, simply create an Online Community account with us and search by city/state/region.

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Mallory Showalter Churning '08Chapter President

Mallory Showalter Churning '08


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"Roanoke area alumni have many opportunities to network with not only each other, but also the University through our unique connection with the Mary Baldwin affiliate program at the Roanoke Higher Education Center. With the support of the Office of Alumni Engagement the Roanoke Chapter has participated in social networking events and outreach to prospective and current students, completed community service projects, and philanthropical endeavors to support the University. We are excited to connect with you too!" -Mallory Showalter Churning '08


Quick Facts

1842 1842 University Founding
WWII WWII Time of First Apple Day Celebration
17,000 17,000 Number of Living Alumni Worldwide