Summer Cyber Soirees

During the summer, alumni could tune in to a live hosted session with fellow alumni, faculty, administration, and Staunton-area community leaders to learn about educational, fun, and interesting content.  The Summer Cyber Soirees were hosted twice a month throught the summer, and were a great way to keep alumni connected with one another and with Mary Baldwin.

Learn more about the sessions below, and click on the link to view the recording of the live event.


Provost Scholar for a Day with Dean Martha Walker

Dean Martha WalkerDive into the world of academia at MBU and experience what it’s like to be a Provost Scholar for a day. Attendees will be given a set of discussion materials to study before this “classroom-type” session. Then they will join Dr. Martha Walker, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, for a true critical-thinking experience and scholarly debate among alumni peers. 



Live Reading and Q&A with Dr. Jim Lott

Dr. Jim LottJoin Dr. James D. Lott, former dean of the college and beloved English Professor, as he journeys into his childhood in Northeast, Tennessee, through his personally-authored memoir Growing Up Methodist. Participate in this live reading and discussion on the importance of the memoir in literary works, followed by facilitated Q&A with Dr. Lott. 



Taste of the Town Cocktail Hour

Benjamin and Lauren ReedJoin Benjamin and Lauren Reed of The Green Room located in downtown Staunton for a fun virtual take on the traditional happy hour featuring their expertise in curating delectable food and wine pairings. Learn more about organic, biodynamic, and natural wines and the perfect nibbles to accompany them. Also, learn about their exciting professional journey as actors with the American Shakespeare Center leading them to make downtown Staunton their home and location of their entrepreneurial endeavors.



Black Minds Matter: What we can learn from Liberation Psychology in the era of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter, with Dr. Janelle Smith '08

Dr. Janelle Smith '08Now more than ever Communities of Color are suffering a double pandemic – COVID-19 and the mental/emotional effects of systemic racism. How can the field of psychology, of which only 4% are Black/African American, begin to address the needs of folks who have endured a 400-year history of oppression? We can turn to our Latin American neighbors and the principles of Liberation Psychology. Founded by Ignacio Martín-Baró, Liberation Psychology seeks to actively understand the community wounds caused by oppressive sociopolitical structures, and the individual effects of violence, injustice, racism and poverty within those systems. Join me in learning more about Liberation Psychology from my time studying in Mexico and a conversation about how the field can address the mental health wounds in Communities of Colors at a time when our country grapples with its own legacy of racism and oppression.



Building a Mindfulness Toolkit with Amanda Lynch '02

Amanda Lynch '02Join alumna Amanda (Davis-Holloway) Lynch ’02 to learn how to build a mindfulness toolkit complete with wellness strategies and resources to navigate unprecedented times and challenges. An expert in mindfulness and trauma-informed instruction, Amanda was named a Yale National Fellow in 2011 and 2012, Style Weekly Top 40 under 40 recipient, and Teacher of the Year for the Richmond Squirrels in 2013. She is passionate about connecting children of color to yoga and mindfulness and in building healthy communities. She is also the owner of Rethinking Resiliency, a think tank that provides professional development for educators and administrators that address issues related to poverty, mental health, cultural competency, and addiction.



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